Jaha Fitness Band is Full Featured and Fully Affordably


There are several immutable rules about fitness armbands that have been operating since time immemorial, or 2010. First of all, they must wrap around your arm. as stated in the name of the device. Also, they must track a variety of factors, including heart rate, distance traveled, and in some extreme cases, your sleeping patterns. One more thing. They have to be above a certain price. You are not looking at a decent fitness band without dropping at least ninety or a hundred bucks. Well, while those first two might still be true, the third one is about to be smashed to around twenty-nine pieces.

Introducing the Jaha fitness band, which is a pretty decent armband if you ask us. What can it do? Well, it tracks your fitness regiment, you dingus! Specifically, once you have this thing strapped to your arm, it keeps an eye on where you are running and where your friends are running if you wanted to meet up for some kind of shared exercise thingamajig. Also, it tracks how many calories you’ve burned, how fast you’ve been going and how far you’ve been going. Of course, this information is accessed via a free and affiliated iPhone app. This is all garden variety stuff, except for the price. The Jaha only costs $29. Act now and this amazing fitness band can be yours for the low, low price of $29. We are crazyyyyyy here at Crunchwear (I’m practicing for my agent to tell me I booked that infomercial gig.)

If you want to get in on all of this thirty dollar goodness, head on over to their Kickstarter page and preorder your own now. They aren’t out yet but should ship early next year.