iZettle mobile payment system finally comes to American Android owners, sort of


izettle 1
Accepting credit card sales using only your smartphone is something of a holy grail for the industry. With each new hardware iteration comes a new spate of rumors that this will be “the one” to finally get it right. Well, little known secret, they already have it right in Sweden. That’s right. Sweden, that grandiose land filled with beautiful blonde people and beautifully warm beer, already has this technology in the bag(For purposes of this argument we are not counting Square.)

A company called iZettle, who sells a device that attaches to your smartphone to accept mobile payments, is already quite the hit in its Nordic homeland. Now they are bringing their guitars and coming to America, sort of. Certain Android users will be able to use the device and service in the near future. How many folks will be eligible? Well, only if you are currently using a Galaxy S III, Galaxy S II, or the Samsung Note. So, yeah, basically only Samsung owners. That might seem fairly ridiculous but come on guys! They are trying. Sweden is far away and they have such good health care they probably just sort of forgot about all of the other brands.

Just kidding. iZettle is on it. They are calling this a beta phase for American consumption of their service. It won’t be long before every Android, and potentially iOS, device will be happily buzzing along with the perfect melody of commerce. Viva la capitalism!