iWinks Aurora Dreamband – The Lucid Dreaming Headband You Really Want


Lucid dreaming is something that most of us are fascinated with, and for obvious reasons. After all, who wouldn’t want to take control of their own dreams and do whatever they want? While the prospect of lucid dreaming is most certainly fascinating, it is even more intriguing to consider that you could step into the state as often as you like with a lucid dreaming headband. Currently there are more than a few in the works such as the NovaDreamer, LucidInducer, REM Dreamer, and many more. Some, like the Remee mask were released to almost total disappointment, because many people couldn’t induce lucid dreams, even with the mask. Now, the iWinks Aurora Dreamband is offering a similar bit of technology in the form of a headband that uses a variety of technology to monitor and let you know when you’re dreaming.


What is Lucid Dreaming

There are four basic types of lucid dreaming, but for the most part, a ‘lucid’ dream is one in which you become aware that you are dreaming. This can happen during rapid eye movement sleep (REM), false awakening, sleep paralysis, and during an out of body experience but most lucid dream inducers, including the Aurora Dreamband use REM sleep because it’s easier to track, and the most common. There are four other stages that allow you to control your dream, such as the awareness that you can change your surroundings, or the awareness that everything will vanish when you wake up. Now that you know what lucid dreaming is, let’s talk about how the Aurora Dreamband is supposed to work.

How Does the Aurora Dreamband Work

The Aurora Dreamband monitors your body in order to alert you to when you enter a state of REM sleep. Rapid Eye Movement Sleep is the point when you dream most vividly, and when you recall most of your dreams, making it the best point to enter a lucid dream. The Aurora monitors your EEG brainwaves, your EOG eye movements, and it works to monitor your sleep patterns using an accelerometer so that it can best alert you as to when you’re entering a dream state. When it detects REM sleep, the Aurora alerts you through a series of customizable flashing lights which can appear in red, blue, or green. The Dreamband can also be programmed to play a sound on your mobile phone, which would hopefully not wake you up. From there, you can enter a state of lucid dreaming, which allows you to control your dreams.


What’s the Catch?

Like any lucid dreaming inducer the Aurora Dreamband from iWinks is not a guarantee of a lucid dream. In addition, you can’t expect to have a lucid dream every night for a couple of different reasons. The first is that many people don’t actually enter REM sleep every night, because the Aurora Dreamband only alerts you when you enter this sleep state, you might not even see alerts for some time. The second depends on how heavily you sleep and your settings. If you’re a light sleeper your lights might wake you up until you have them at the right settings, if you’re a heavy sleeper, you might not even notice them. Light settings will definitely require tweaking in order to work properly.
Finally, not everyone sees something in their dream and immediately connects it with the fact that they are in a dream. You might see lights and dream them as a variety of things, meaning that you will have to train your mind to recognize the lights for what they are before you can enter a state of lucidity.