No iWatch at Apple Event, Speculation Rises



The Apple event on Tuesday was a big event for many – a new OS Mavericks was released for free, new iPads were released, and we were given a better look at the new Mac Pros. But one device on many peoples wish list was still the Apple iWatch, which we did not see make any appearance at the event. Because of this, speculation about the device is growing, and new concept designs about what the device could look like have surfaced. In particular, one designer has designed a product which builds on the Nike Fuelband.

Thomas Bogner, the designer behind the concept and a student at Technische Hochschule Deggendorf in Germany created the device because of his want for the Nike Fuelband to have more features to it, but still loving the form factor and design of the device.

The design includes the use of an iTunes style music player, and cycles through the date and time. It also includes icons for Apples iMessage and Calendar apps.

Could we see a design like this for Apples iWatch? Well, even though Apples CEO Tim Cook serves on the board of Nike, a design in this fashion is unlikely. Still, it’s anyones guess as to what the device will actually look like!