Its all in the eyes, says new tracking system


Eyefluence, a company that has created a unique eye tracking system for use with today’s virtual reality/augmented reality headsets has launched, backed by $14 million in funding.

“Eyefluence transforms intent into action through your eyes. We believe anything you can do with your finger on a smartphone, you should be able to do with your eyes on a head-mounted display — only faster,” Eyefluence CEO Jim Marggraff told TechCrunch.

While Eyefluence isn’t the first eye-controlled operating tool, it claims to be the first one to interpret intent with your eyes in real time.

“Your eyes are an efficient bandwidth input channel. When you are using one of these forms of technology [such as virtual reality goggles], it starts with intent. You have intent and you want to realize that intent if you could use [your eyes] to make that happen,” Marggraff said.

Eyefluence is trying to partner with as many of the headset makers as possible with the goal of eventually being the standard user interface for headset hardware. Motorola wants to use Eyefluence technology in its Connected First Responder of the Future project. The company envisions police and public safety officials wearing a headset and gathering information with their eyes, while leaving their hands free.