iTreq Music Playing System is Designed for Fitness Fanatics


We’ve all been there. Making big plans to exercise but nixing them at the last second because the music situation wasn’t right. Either the cords of your headphones are too long, too short or just not giving you the musical oomph you need to perform at your highest level. Not to be too “first world,” but having a good music listening setup is extremely important to working out. It helps us keep going longer, faster and harder. It pumps us up and takes our mind off of that awful, awful stuff we are doing. Luckily, there is soon to be a product on the market that solves every old-school problem of fitness-based headphones.

They are calling it the iTtreq. What it lacks in non-ridiculous names it does make up for in neat functionality. Essentially it’s an entire MP3 player that tucks behind your ear, making sure to securely put those earbuds in place. It doesn’t matter how harshly you jog, or how adroitly you lift weights high above your head, this thing will always stay inside your ear. That’s because of a unique wraparound design that works to put pressure on the device to remain in the ear. All of the music comes from an included micro SD card that tucks into a little player that also remains nestled behind your ear. It’s such a simple concept it’s a wonder that nobody has thought of it until now.

Of course, like most great things in life, you’ll have to wait a little while to try it out. The designers have put the iTreq on Kickstarter to help secure funding. You can be sure to be one of the first people at your gym to have one of these just by dropping $60 right now.