Italian wearables surround safety with luxury


A new Italian startup – Wearableitalia – have launched a range of jewellery aimed at the growing market for stylish and practical trackers for females.

The first products, launched at Fashion Week in Milan earlier this year, offer a unique design, crafted by an experienced jewellery designer. The products are enhanced with handcrafted brass plated with gold, silver or ruthenium, a rare metal of the platinum family. The safety feature of the jewellery is a safety button which can be activated in case of danger: the alarm consists of an emergency message sent to contacts loaded on the app which can also be programmed, depending on the chosen options, to send a call or the sender’s geo-location.

Other features include calories consumed throughout the day, a pedometer which automatically records workouts in objective statistics, incoming view filter and a 10/15 day battery life.