Is Wearable Tech Becoming An Information Source for Advertisers?


Digital Human
When it comes to wearable tech there are a lot of things that you may be thinking about. The fact that marketers may be taking your data and using it to refine more and more of their advertising efforts. In a recent piece put out by Ad Age the idea that using the data from wearable technology was posited as a way to get an unprecedented amount of data about the world of their customers.

In the opening paragraph of the article the author asks marketers the big question, “But what if you could measure a customer’s level of physical activity? What about posture, sleep habits, or even virility?”

The real question isn’t if marketers want to get their hands on more data about their customers, after all if Facebook has taught us anything it is that companies do want a lot of data about people, that way they can better target their ads and spend less on marketing. The real question is, do you want companies having that much information about you?
For the time being companies are not sharing a lot of data about their users, but you want to be sure to keep an eye on the terms of use on your new devices that you buy. Remember that you also have other choices. There are DIY options for wearable technology.

Image: Morgue File