Is Microsoft Working on A Smart Watch?


Rumors are flying over the web this morning about a new mobile device that may be in development in Microsoft’s labs. Several news sites are reporting on the idea of a Microsoft smart watch.

These rumors are based on the recent interest that Microsoft has shown in some very small screens. The company has been making quite inquiries about 1.5-inch display screens, the kind that are used in wearable devices. Since  1.5-inch is one of the smallest screen sizes,  a watch seems to be a natural fit for the device, though the company could be working on other monitoring devices. The request for parts was made to current Microsoft hardware partner in Asia. For the time being the name of the specific partner has not been released.
With its two biggest competitors, Apple and Samsung, and Google with its hat in the ring already, there is no reason to think that the company is not at least considering its options when it comes to moving into the arena of wearable tech. After all they redesigned the whole Windows 8 OS around the idea that users were going to be on the go!

For the time being Microsoft is not responding to request for comment on the rumor.