Iris biometrics camera snaps pictures whenever you blink, paparazzi excited


You know what sucks about most cameras? All of that snapping and clicking! We expend enough energy all day pushing the Xbox controller left and right as Netflix demands. We don’t need any more calorie burning activities in our lives! If only there was a super-futuristic camera coming down the pike that eschewed the need for all of that finger flexing. We aren’t Jack LaLanne you know.

All kidding aside about the inherent laziness of the American public, taking photos sans button pressing would be pretty cool. Luckily there is just such a super-futuristic camera coming down the pike. Even cooler? It lets your eyeballs do the snapping! Really. All you do is blink and your Instagram fills up faster than a plastic cup at a keg party.

The camera, named Iris and designed by Mimi Zou, is controlled exclusively by the eyes of the user. To make the camera zoom in you squint slightly. To make it zoom out you open up those peepers. And to fire the shutter you hold your gaze and blink twice. Never again will you be held back by your wobbly, wobbly digits. Even sweeter? The camera is programmed to adapt to each user, recognizing their identity and changing programming based on if they are near-sighted or far-sighted. Heck, it even goes online to make sharing photos with your many, many social circles as easy as, well, blinking your eye.

As is most technology that seems barely discernible from magic, this is just a working prototype design for now. Mimi Zou is currently in the market for funding so if you have a few million laying around, by all means, send it her way. In the meantime rest easy knowing that, for now, when people blink at you that’s all they are doing.