ION Glasses Could Be Cheaper Alternative to Google Glass


Nobody really knows just how expensive, or inexpensive, Google plans on making their Glass eyewear once it “officially” launches. They are sure as heckfire expensive right now, clocking in at over $1,500 for just one pair. However, this is a beta launch intended for early adopters and we all know that early adopters usually have tons of cash to burn. Conventional wisdom dictates they would have to lower the price upon launch or, well, people just won’t buy it. $1,500 checks don’t just grow on trees. If Google does not lower the price significantly, there are plenty of other companies waiting on the wings with their own sweet specs. Here is one right now.

Introducing ION Glasses, smart glasses that do, more or less, all of the stuff that Glass does at a mere fraction of the price. What can they handle? They connect via Bluetooth to your smartphone and display texts, emails and other important information right in front of your eyeballs just like Glass. They also have some pretty cool James Bond-esque application. Using a pair of buttons located near the right temple, you can control your smartphone remotely. Have it take pictures, record video or do anything else while you hang back, safe and sound. Pretty cool right? Privacy is just so passé.

Now on to the price. The current asking price for a pair of ION Glasses is just $100. That’s the good news. The bad news? The makers of said device haven’t exactly secured manufacturing funding yet. They’ve taken to Indiegogo, where you can order one now that will be shipped in February of 2014. Here is a video of the glasses in ocular action.