Introducing Whistle – The Fitness Tracker for Man’s Best Friend


Dogs are great. They lick your face when you are down. They are always there with a friendly smile and a cute ole bark. They smell their own poop. Since mankind started traipsing around this planet, dogs have consistently been by their side. So now that there is a wearable technology boom happening all throughout the tech-o-sphere, why not include canines in all of the commotion? We have featured wearable tech meant for dogs in the past and guess what? Now we are again. Introducing a fitness tracker aimed to get your chubby pooch back in fighting shape. Or at the very least put a smile on their adorable little face.

It’s called Whistle, which we suppose is an apt name given dog whistles and all of that. It works similarly to the glut of human-based fitness trackers filling the market. Instead of wearing it as a necklace or bracelet, however, you simply attach it to the dog’s collar. It keeps track of both activity and rest, which it then sends to you and your veterinarian so you guys can look at the applicable charts and stroke your beards with great wisdom. No, seriously, it’s good for your doggie doc to know the doggie score. The best part? It does all of this, including using the associated app, free of charge. Well, you still have to pay for the Whistle itself but beyond that.

Speaking of paying for Whistle, it is available for pre-order now at the extremely humble price of $99. What’s a hundred bucks to ensure a long and healthy life for your best friend? Here’s a video of the fitness tracker in doggie action.