Introducing Wear – A New Kind of Hearing Aid


Ah, the five senses. Sight is great because seeing stuff is cool. Taste rules because, well, pizza. Touch is not so bad because without it massages wouldn’t register. Smell rules because, well, pizza. Hearing though? It may be the best one. After all, music and verbal communication are built in to the very fabric of the human experience. To that end, hearing aids and related products were some of the very first true wearable tech. It’s only fitting, then, that these products are getting a much deserved high tech upgrade. Introducing the wearable, and appropriately named Wear hearing aid.

Wear features two components. First, there is an omnidirectional microphone that you wear around your neck like a necklace. This picks up true audio signals(in stereo) from everything around you. This data is then streamed to a pair of earbuds or any headphones of your choosing. The result? You can hear everything pretty darned well. The snozzberries will indeed sound like snozzberries. This tech isn’t really intended as a replacement for the hearing aids. Rather, it is being envisioned as a situation-specific device, particularly useful in large crowds when you want to actually hear the conversation you are having. Also, this could help those of us with regular hearing do that also. Hearing people talk at bars can be really, really hard.

The Wear system isn’t out yet. They’ve headed on down to Kickstarter to receive final funding. You can be the first ears on your block to hear said block better by kicking in around $125.