Introducing the Lasso, wool-felt slippers you put together yourself


lasso slipper 1
In the words of a fantasy-themed HBO show that all the kids seem to like, “Winter is coming.” You know what that means. Lazy days hanging by the fire, feet up as a sleeping golden retriever woofs silently next to you. Cups of hot chocolate and endless viewings of the various Peanuts holiday specials. Plus, with global warming rapidly increasing you can probably get by without buying a new winter coat! You are, however, going to need slippers. It is not winter without them.

Well get ready for your feet to be in a comfortable tizzy. These new Lasso wool-felt slippers, designed by Gaspard Tiné-Berès, will keep those piggies safe and snug during fall and winter. The hook? You actually build the slippers yourself. That’s right. All of you budding engineers out there can put your money where your mouths are. Before wearing, you simply use a packed-in guide to sew in the laces and you’ll be good to go. You can even choose your own color of lace to add a bit of personality. Winter is anything if not, um, filled with personality.

The best part? You can lasso(sigh) yourself up a pair right now by heading over to indiegogo. Tell them Crunchwear sent you and you’ll get a hearty pat on the electronic back. Ok. Not really. That’d be cool though. In the meantime, keep your feet warm. You only have two.