Introducing Tender, the touch-sensitive illuminated garment


tender garment 1
The world of high-fashion is home to many kinds of unique wearable technologies, but one thing the fashionistas usually have in common is an aversion to touch. After all, the garments are usually one-of-a-kind and were placed on the gaunt model via a combination of safety pins and a lot of luck. In short, if you break it you buy it. So it comes as quite a relief to see one tech-heavy garment coming down the pike that not only encourages touch, it actually requires it.

Introducing the Tender, a touch-sensitive illuminated blouse/garment thingie that is going to quite literally brighten your day(sorry.) Tender features conductive surfaces that are beautifully knit and integrated into the garment. Wherever you place hour hand while wearing it a subtle light follows. It’s like your whole body becomes a flashlight of sorts. This is perfect for ladies who like to remain on the cutting edge of fashion, or those who are just afraid of the dark.

It was designed in tandem by the Textielmuseum Tilburg and designers Kristi Kuusk, Martijn ten Bhömer, and Paula Kassenaar. It is, sadly, only a working concept for now. You’ll have to continue to light up your garments the old-fashioned way, by hiding light bulbs under your shirt. Be careful with that. All it takes is one firm pat and you are looking at quite the broken bulb bruise.