Introducing Scottevest’s Multi-pocketed Tropiformer Gadget Jacket


Gadgets are great! They let us keep in touch people we love, snap snazzy photographs and, of course, fling cantankerous birds at bovines. The only problem with this onslaught of premium gadgetry? We have nowhere to put all of the darned things. How on earth are we to leave the house with a phone, tablet, camera, game device and all of the necessary cords to charge them should they run out of juice? Well, we could walk around toting around a gigantic and messy bag or we could get hip to this new clothing trend seemingly tailor made for wearable technology freaks.

Scottevest has been on the forefront of this trend for a while. As such they have been no stranger amongst long time readers of this site. Their newest wonder-jacket is called the Tropiformer and it features a whopping twenty two pockets for all of your gadgets and peripherals. Even better, these pockets are hidden from view so nobody on the street will know you as the tech geek you truly are. Some of these pockets are amazing, enabling the storage of tablets, capacitive devices and all of the cables you can shake a connected stick at. The sleeves are also removable if you are, uh, the kind of person who wears a jacket with no sleeves. All in all, this is the Rolls Royce of gadget jackets.

The best part? The price is right. The Tropiformer clocks in at $150 which is a steal for this kind of thing. Dedicated gadget jackets can skyrocket to twice that much. So now you have no excuse to not bring every single thing you own everywhere you go. Cool!