Introducing Samgsung’s Newest Smartwatch, The Gear Solo


Remember back when the Pebble was really the only smartwatch on, or about to be on, the market? Those were golden days filled with nostalgic glory, or something or another. In any event, those days are now long gone and just about every company on the block has either produced, or are producing, a smartwatch or five. One of the first major companies to jump on this hip new wearable technology scene was undoubtedly Samsung. Their Galaxy Gear line of smartwatches have been some of the best of these gadgets created. Guess what? They are back with a brand new invention.

Samsung, who are not just known for televisions and every other thing that has ever been produced, are back with something they are calling the Gear Solo. This newbie to the Galaxy Gear line is smartwatch through and through, with one major update. It contains its own SIM card, which means it can double as a smartphone with absolutely no interaction needed with that block of plastic you carry around in your pocket. The era of the self-sustaining smartwatch are upon us. Long let them reign. As far as what else it will be able to do, your guess is as good as mine. The company is being quite mum. Although, if past is prologue, one would expect it to play music, track your fitness habits and all manner of other odd and end.

We’ll let you know when more information lands about this nifty little watch, including the price, release date and if it is going to keep that name. In the meantime, keep staring at your current smartwatch and wishing, unsuccessfully, you could play Dick Tracy. Now enjoy this creepy video with a cartoon of Jesus relaying the same information!