Introducing Ping, a Totally Thin and Totally Tech-Heavy Wallet


One of the stupidest things we can do in this life is to get all hully gully with our finances. This includes, but is not limited to, buying stuff that is advertised on late night television, burying our savings in the backyard and, of course, forgoing a wallet in favor of just stuffing our pants with cash. Great ideas these are not, but it’s not as if wallets can be awesome high tech instruments that do more than just house our IDs right? Think again, smart guy. The wallet industry has merged with the wearable tech industry in a big, big way. Here is another one that might just catch the interest of your pocket.

It’s called Ping, and it’s billing itself as the world’s thinnest and smartest wallet. The thin part is easy to see. This thing is absolutely tiny. It’s pretty much two pieces of aluminum and, that’s pretty much it. Ping uses state of the art magnets, and some nifty design choices, to keep your stuff safe and snug. Speaking of safety and, uh, snugginess, the wallet also comes outfitted with all the latest in anti-identify-theft technologies. These include RFID blocking materials and smart sensors that remind you to return any card you have used recently back to your wallet. This, of course, helps prevent theft or at least helps you get on top of things in record time.

However, something this thin and smart has got to have a down side. What is it? Well, it’s not out yet. You are going to have to cruise on over to their Kickstarter and pop in some coin in order to become an early adopter. It’s already reached funding so you’ll likely get it by the end of the year.