Introducing Oculus Rift 2.0 – A Revolution of a Revolution


There once was a time when video games were video games and real life was real life and never the twain shall meet. That time was obliterated when the Oculus Rift came on the scene, however. To the newbies out there, the Rift is a VR eyewear device that quite literally puts you inside the game. Your entire field of vision becomes what you would see on a computer screen and wherever you turn your head in real life, your avatar turns in the virtual realm. It’s enough to give even the most cynical among us visions of Star Trek’s Holodeck.

The Rift hasn’t actually been released yet to consumers but Oculus has gone and updated the design anyways. Introducing the brand new Rift, complete with all the bells and whistles you can shake a virtual stick at. What’s on the offering block? Well, for one, the latency has been drastically reduced, which means no more motion sickness. Also, the device tracks at 1080p now, which is good for you pixel enthusiasts. The company has been demo-ing the new unit all over CES, along with some new Rift-centric software that has been designed by renowned games publisher Epic Games.

The consumer model is slated to go on sale sometime in the coming year and it is expected to look and feel a whole lot like the unit that has been turning heads the past couple of days. No pricing has been announced, however. Here is to hoping the Rift will hit that sweet spot of $29.99 or free(Just kidding. It’ll probably be a few hundred bucks.)