Introducing Mobius – E Ink’s Flexible Display for Smart Watches


The year is 2013 and anyone alive right now in this moment in history surely know that the smart watches most assuredly cometh. Ever since Texas Instruments put the first calculator on a watch for dorky kids in the 1980s, it’s been a race to see who could do the most with just about the littlest geography imaginable. One of the things that hold smart watches back are big, clunky screens. Watches are meant to bend around the wrist, somewhat like paper. Well guess what? That’s just what they’ll be doing before long if the wearable technology industry has anything to say about it.

E Ink, who have long been in the faker paper game, have in recent years perfected flexible screen technology for tablets and bigger ticket items. Now they’ve turned their considerable talents to the humble smart watch. They have been toiling endlessly in their secret lair to come up with this, Mobius. This small, totally flexible e-ink screen is perfect for watches or, well, just watches really.  The flexible, 1.73-inch panel won’t floor anyone with its 320 x 240 grayscale screen, but what do you want, it’s paper of the future. Give it a second before you demand color.

The screen will begin showing up in smart watches this summer, as manufacturer Sonostar has announced a partnership with E Ink to use the screen in an upcoming device. After that, the sky is the limit. OK, really the wrist is the limit but why parse hairs about it? We’ll give you more on this as it develops.