Introducing GlassKap – A Series of Accessories for Google Glass


If you are lucky enough, or rich enough, to be one of Google’s early adopters and thereby getting your hands on a Glass prototype model, you have no doubt longed for the days that accessories would flood the marketplace. After all, buying semi-useless trinkets for your gadgets is you God given right as a consumer of electronics! The thing is, however, these plastic peripherals don’t usually come to market until a particular device has shown its dominance. In short, not enough people own Google Glass yet as it hasn’t been given a formal release. Don’t worry, though. At least someone is making accessories for it.

Introducing GlassKap, a series of useful add-ons for your Glass units. It is essentially a series of caps that act as makeshift sunglasses and even show off to the world different kitschy phrases like “On air.” Hey, you are doing them a favor by letting them know they are currently being recorded. That way it won’t be your fault if you “happen” to post a video of them acting stupid on Youtube. Pencil holders, bull eyes and a myriad of other caps come in the collection. All in all, you could find worse ways to support your growing Glass addiction.

The packs come in a variety of sizes and with a variety of uses, from a series of caps designed to be given out to Glass users you see on the street to those caps with the privacy-minded user in mind. The designers are still finalizing funding so they have taken to, of course, Kickstarter to finish this out. You can get your hands on some caps for as little as $30.