Introducing EarTaps – Finally a Fully Adjustable Earbud


Sure, fitness bands and the like are great for tracking how we are doing with ye olde fitness regiment. However, first we gotta actually get off the couch and start doing stuff. This is made even more difficult when we don’t have any music to listen to. Doing healthy-type movements, particularly those that are cardio based, are enhanced greatly with the thwomp thwomp thwomping beat of a song we like. However, most earbuds and earhooks don’t fit right during strenuous workouts. They either don’t fit comfortably or fall right out mid-stride. Introducing a new kind of earbud with this problem in mind. Now, sigh, we’ll truly have no excuse to not exercise. Ugh.

They are called EarTaps and combine the functionality of both earbuds and earhooks into one fully adjustable thingamabob. Long story short, these things won’t fall out no matter how weirdly shaped your ears are(guilty as charged.) You can do yoga with them in, skateboard and even, well, sit on your couch eating massive quantities of potato chips. Of course, we can’t promise you’ll get any healthier while doing the latter. They are also great for people that wear glasses or even, gasp, cool shades. You rebel, you!

The EarTaps buds aren’t in stores yet. If you want to get your grubby little mitts on a pair you’ll have to ease on down to Kickstarter and throw in a few buckaroos. How much does a pair cost to preorder? Around thirty, uh, buckaroos.