Introducing Carbon, a Wearable Solar Charger


We spend each and every day on this planet. Entire years and decades go by, without nary a mention of the fearsome power of the sun. It’s a gigantic ball of molten madness that can eradicate every living being on this planet(and several others) in less than a second(at the speed of itself, actually.) So, yeah, we should have more respect. We should also try to harness that fearsome power to our own ends. You know what I mean? Solar power. The idea of solar power is one that has never quite waned but has also never quite been embraced by the powers that be, for whatever reason. Still, wearable technology could finally be the push solar power needs to break into the mainstream.

One device that is trying to do this is called Carbon. What is it? It’s a wearable solar charger! It may look like a watch, and it may feel like a watch but we assure you it is not a watch. This thing stores up solar power, which can then be transferred to the device of your choice. This could be a boon to smartphone owners because, as we all know, smartphones do not hold a charge as long as we would like. All told, this device will add several extra hours of gabbing to your smartphone, which could be the difference between getting fired and a raise.(wait.)

Carbon isn’t out yet, so that’s kind of a bummer. However, the makers have flown over to Kickstarter to avoid getting too close to the sun but ensure they’ll have enough money to enter production. You can reserve one for around $95.