Introducing an Interactive Clothes Hangar that Gives Fashion Advice


In the immortal words of someone at sometime, “everyone’s a critic.” But why is that relegated only to people? Can’t inanimate objects also tell us how to live our lives? You know where we are going with this. Can’t wearable technology help these inanimate objects tell us how to live our lives? Well, as it happens, yes they can. A Japanese company has invented interactive clothes hangars that give us information on the clothes they hold and even offer up fashion advice to the fashion backwards among us(guilty as charged.)

This Japanese company, called TeamLab, have begun doling out these smart-hangars to various department stores throughout the country. What exactly do they do? They hold clothes, first and foremost, but they do a whole lot more than that. When you take them off of the rack they come alive with a series of sound and visual cues, alerting you to their robotic and useful presence. They work using built-in sensors that access the sensors on other hangars to let you know what pants go with what shirts and things of that nature. This is great news for the clueless but absolutely horrible news for people who make a living telling the clueless how to dress.

So far the hangars have had booming success, helping revive a slumping Japanese apparel economy. There is no word when these will make the long slog across the ocean to our shores but TeamLab says they are in talks right now to do just that. We’ll let you know when we spot one in a local department store. While you wait, watch a video of them in action and dream of a time that all of your household appliances will insult you.