Intimacy 2.0 – The Invisible Dress You Can Wear

Intimacy 2.0

There are plenty of tech dresses out there ranging from dresses that convert the sun into solar energy to dresses that actually move and reshape themselves, but now Studio Roosegarde in the Netherlands, Europe has done something new. Intimacy 2.0 is a dress that actually turns invisible when the wearers heart rate goes up, which makes it an item of wearable tech that has a whole range of possibilities (if impractical possibilities) not really considered with most other tech.

How Does it Work?

Intimacy 2.0 The Intimacy 2.0 dress is made up of a combination of standard materials (white cloth for the white version, and black pleather for the black version) as well as thin leather strips with efoils. Sensors are placed throughout the dress, which detect minute changes in the body temperature and heart rate. As the wearer’s heart rate goes up, the e-foils change color and turn into clear plastic, meaning that they turn invisible.

The dress itself is not an everday dress but rather something that a woman might wear to a very special occasion with a partner, or to a party that doesn’t care too much about how much you cover up. Even before the strips turn invisible, the dress is quite revealing and very sexy. Currently it only comes in one size which is about 40” long and best fits a size small or extra small. And yes, the models of the dress built so far are only designed to be worn by models as the dress is currently only in ‘concept’ stage. However, the designer fully intends future models to become ‘street wear’, in high end fashion.


Intimacy 2.0As with a lot of ‘designer’ clothing, the Intimacy 2.0 dress from Studio Roosegarde is all about the concept. The dress is designed to help people show emotions, or in this case, help a lady to show when she’s feeling excited. The original idea behind the dress was to show arousal by turning the dress invisible, but the dress also lightens whenever the wearer’s heart rate increases which could include fear, exertion, or excitement as well.

The original version of the dress, Intimacy, was nearly all e-foils meaning that the entire dress could turn invisible. The 2.0 is only invisible around the bust, which allows it to function more properly as a normal dress while still retaining its erotic quality.

While most of us would think of the intimacy 2.0 as a stunt, Roosegarde, the designer, says that he fully intends it to eventually be worn on the street. The current model is for Hautre Couture or the red carpet, but future models will be better suited to wearing every day.

You can check to see every model of the dress as well as to read more about what the designer has to say. You can also visit the dress to see for yourself in as it is frequently put on display around the world, and sometimes in the United States. Daan Roosegarde claims that he is working on more designs for even everyday Intimacy dresses, as well as a men’s suit that would turn invisible when you lie, so you can check back for more info as well.