InteraXon Muse headband lets you monitor your brain waves via your smartphone


Some people say space is the final frontier, but for our money it has got to be the human brain. This gelatinous, gooey hunk of flesh embedded underneath our skulls sure is complicated. Luckily, technology is doing its darnedest to understand our noggins and act accordingly. This is particularly true in the wearable tech scene, where it seems nearly every day a new device comes to market that purports to control the mysterious fathoms of the noggin. As it happens to be another day, we are proud to introduce you yet another way to monitor your grey matter.

A Canadian company called InteraXon has been quietly slaving away on their Muse headband, which reportedly monitors your brain waves and let you access the data via your smartphone. Cool right? The headband uses a four-sensor EEG (electroencephalography) system to monitor the brain wave patterns, and then sends the data to a related smartphone app. It works with both iOS and Android, as well as with Windows, Mac and Linux personal computers. That is a lot of choice right there.

The company is also prepping a software development kit, should you want to make any innovative programs that make use of, well, the human brain. These programs could range from simple charts and graphs to granting the ability to actually control things with your brain(whoa.) The Muse will be on store shelves sometime in 2013, with a suggested retail price of $200. In the meantime, check the video and drool.