Interactive Group’s Active-i sunglasses


Ah, the ever-changing world of glasses innovation. Interactive Group has thrown their hat into the ring with their Active-i sunglasses. These glasses are being hailed as the planet’s smallest standalone video and audio recording / playback device. Lofty words, right? Let’s see what’s going on under the, um, hood.

Basically these are some 1980s looking sunglasses with some multimedia functionality. They come with a built-in video camera right along the bridge of the nose, placed there all stealthy like. The camera can capture two hours of low-res video. Perfect for you would by stalkers spies out there.

That’s not all. After you capture the video, you can then watch it back right in your glasses. Pretty cool. The system also allows for USB transport to a PC or other device. James Bond aint got nothing on you, right?

The units are available now.