Intel’s Jarvis Headset Works Even When You Are Offline


There is a lot of information floating out there in the world. It’s all important on some level. The only question, then, is how to access it? When the Internet burst on the scene it was like something out of Star Trek. Anything we wanted to know, and now see, would be available at all times. Then, thanks to Siri and Google’s foray into voice recognition tech in Android, the holy grail is being able to know and see anything just by asking for it with your own voice. This is a super cool idea, but so far lacks in execution. The more companies try, however, the closer they’ll get. Intel, purveyor of microchips, are now in the scene with their new voice recognizing headset.

It’s called Jarvis, which may or may not be a reference to Iron Man(it probably is.) The system works a lot like Siri. You ask for something and it gives it to you. According to Intel, the tech works much better than its rivals. Also, it doesn’t need access to a dedicated server in order to access information so it can even be used when your Internet connection is spotty or even invisible. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Let’s ask it to tell us everything it knows about pizza!

Intel also says, in addition to the dedicated headset, the company will be selling access to the tech to interested companies, so you can look forward to a world where it starts appearing in all kinds of gadgets. Here is to hoping it actually works as advertised.