Intel’s Alloy aims for gold rather than glitter


Intel has released a mixed-reality system which it hopes will place a user’s hands, arms and real-world objects into a virtual world without the need for a series of external sensors.

The system, codenamed Project Alloy, drags real-world objects into the virtual realm using 3D cameras. The new head-mounted display consists of a set of goggles, using Intel’s RealSense cameras, which have depth-sensing capabilities, to allow, without the need for additional sensors, objects such as the user’s hands to be tracked and entered into the virtual world displayed within the goggles.

Intel has backing from Microsoft, which announced it will support Project Alloy with its Windows Holographic system.

Brian Krzanich,CEO of Intel said: “Merged reality delivers virtual-world experiences more dynamically and naturally than ever before – and makes experiences impossible in the real world now possible.

“Pick up your real-world tennis racket in your living room and step virtually on to the court at Wimbledon. Be the ultimate concert master – fully unplugged. Plan your virtual visit to the Sistine Chapel while never leaving the office. Experience a sporting event, a concert or a film scene from any point of view – and from any position.”