IntelligentM Bracelet Lets You Know When Your Hands Are Sufficiently Washed


We all, from time to time, wear bracelets(although for guys this may usually be while in the hospital or while going through a gold phase.) We also all, hopefully more often, wash our hands. One of the unique flaws in the whole hand-washing system we’ve grown up with is the inability to know when we’ve washed our meaty paws for a long enough time. Are the germs dead? Are they just resting? Is it ok to just briefly sway them underneath lukewarm water for around one second? We’ll never know! Besides, washing one’s hands is not the most exciting activity in the world. It’d sure be nice if someone made a bracelet that let us know when our hands were sufficiently washed.

Someone did! Introducing the IntelligentM bracelet by, um, a start up called IntelligentM. This bracelet does exactly what it purports to do, namely let you know when your hands are so fresh and equally so clean. It works rather simply, using simple RFID tags to measure how long a hand has been undergoing a wash. If it buzzes one time, you know you are good to go. If it buzzes three times, however, it’s time to get your sorry butt back to the sink young man or there will be no dessert for you tonight.

This technology is primarily aimed toward doctors so they don’t infect us with their awful handwriting germs. You can upload stored data to a tablet, phone or PC via an embedded microUSB connection. Then the doctors can each play the most fun game in the world, the game of knowing who washed their hands the longest. Doctors sure are a mischievous lot.