Intelligent sleep solution launched


French connected wellbeing specialist Terralion has announced it is expanding into the sleep product category, with the launch of its HOMNI sensor.

In the last 12 months, 1 in 3 people are reported to have suffered from insomnia or other sleep related problems. In recent years, sleep deprivation has become a critical public health concern. Research studies are also showing a close link between weight gain and lack of sleep. HOMNI has been developed based on a partnership between Terraillon and the European Sleep Center to help improve public health and promote healthy sleep.

Each HOMNI device is accompanied by a “Dot” sleep sensor that can be placed under the pillow. It provides detailed analysis of each night’s sleep: amount of sleep acquired, sleep cycles as well as body movements. It is also possible to track the data of multiple users (two for instance) by adding a second “Dot” sensor. For a more in-depth analysis, the HOMNI user can also purchase a “Reston” sensor. Like the Dot, the Reston evaluates the user’s sleep pattern and provides details on the activity of the body since it allows the monitoring of both heart and respiratory rates. Complementary to HOMNI, it resembles a belt and is positioned under a fitted sheet without compromising the comfort of the user thanks to mere its 2mm thickness. The data collected by HOMNI, the “Dot” and the “Reston” are then combined into the Wellness Coach – Sleep mobile application, which allows access to a complete dashboard and measures overall sleep performance. This determines the user’s overall sleep quality. It can also be used as a speaker via bluetooth.

HOMNI, accompanied by its “Dot” sensor, will be available in October at a recommended retail price of (RRP) £199. The “Reston” sensor will also be available in October at a recommended retail price of (RRP) £169.