Intelligent Headset Tracks Your Head Movement to Adjust Sound


Headphones are great. We can wear them to do stuff that involves recorded sound that doesn’t involve waking our roommates up at two in the morning. After all, even the chillest roommate in town doesn’t like to hear the loud groans of Call of Duty when they are trying to sleep. Also, with all of this head-tracking technology invading eyewear devices like Google Glass, regular old school cans just don’t seem like that big of a deal. When will headphones receiver that awesome upgrade? Well, the answer is now. Introducing head-tracking headphones that blast sound in glorious three dimensions.

They are called Intelligent Headsets, for obvious reasons. They feature a bevy of sensors that make them, well, location aware. They know when you are moving your head around and change the sound accordingly. How is this useful? For instance, you can turn your head around in a zombie game when you hear something slight behind you and be rewarded with a boost in sound that “feels” like it is coming from the right place. The creators also imagine a scenario where you are using a travel app on your phone and the headphones let you know you are staring head on at a curio. The options here are actually kind of endless when you think about it.

From the sounds of it, this tech is just drooling to be paired up with some VR goggles. Maybe one day. In the meantime the company is putting the finishing touches on the unit and they’ll ship to stores sometime next year. They have also suggested a whole host of apps are forthcoming that will make use of the unit’s unique functionality. More on that later. Now here is a bizarre video that makes absolutely no sense.