Intel Smart Earbuds Matches Music to Your Heart Rate


Ah, the magic and mysticism of music. It helps us cook. It helps us clean. It helps us dance. It occasionally helps us run long distances in a vain attempt to keep us youthful and fit. However, music has one major flaw. It doesn’t automatically change to suit our mood or heart rate or a number of other criteria. That is some kind of wizard technology that could never, ever exist right? Not so fast, kimosabe. The world’s pre-eminent microchip manufacturer would like to have a musical word with you.

Intel has recently pulled the lid off of something they are calling smart earbuds. Yeah. The smart moniker may be a little well worn but give this a chance. It’s actually pretty cool. These earbuds come matched with a whole new suite of biometric capabilities, which reads your heart rate and other data and changes the music accordingly. That’s right. You could be out for a jog as the tunes you are jamming effortlessly flow from less intense, to intense, to less intense again two minutes later as you relax on a couch eating a slice of pizza. The headphones also charge in a cool way, obtaining power thru a garden variety headphone jack. This way you are sure to never run out of juice during your mammoth two minute run.

Intel has yet to announce when and if this tech will see the actual light of day. For now it’s only a working prototype. However, it’s a pretty cool working prototype so we imagine it won’t be too long before you’ll be sweating to the oldies all by your lonesome.