Intel and Luxottica Team Up to Make Stylish Smartglasses


It’s no secret that Google Glass and other forthcoming smart eyeglasses aren’t exactly the most visually appealing bunch. They make what you see visually appealing, sure, who doesn’t like to stare at a cool hologram? However, they make what everyone else sees, namely you, look like the squarest of the square. It’s gotten so bad that many pundits have convinced themselves that these things won’t truly take off until this aesthetics problem is addressed. In that spirit, noted computer chip manufacturer Intel has formed a partnership with a popular high-end eyeglass manufacturer to create their own line of snazzy looking smartglasses.

Intel, who you may remember from every computer ever, and fashion design company Luxottica recently announced the partnership, which promises to bear fruit throughout the next several years in a variety of different smartglass-like products. Their goal? To create premium and luxury sports glasses with some intelligence to boot. The products themselves haven’t been mentioned but the companies did say that something would be out sometime in 2015, which isn’t too long to wait. Heck, their smartglasses could actually come out before the consumer iteration of Google Glass.

It must be noted that Intel has also been rumored to be providing the tech for the next iteration of Google Glass and nobody quite knows if their partnership with Luxottica will help, hinder or have no comment on this venture. We’ll let you know more as soon as more information becomes available. In the meantime, just buy cool pairs of sunglasses and pretend they have computer functionality. That always works.