Instagram excites peeping toms everywhere by prepping photo-taking glasses


Glasses. Glasses? Glasses! A lot of people need them and a lot of people just like wearing them, particularly in these annoying summer months. These humble pieces of plastic and, um, whatever lenses are made out of used to be an easy way to get called a nerd or a dweeb. Those name-callers should have waited a few decades because now they actually let you do nerdy and/or dweeby things. Google’s forthcoming Project Glass glasses let you do anything a smartphone lets you do but with your ever-loving eyeballs. Now online photography magnate Instagram is trying to get a piece of that sweet, yet unreleased, pie.

Designed by Markus Gerkes, Instaglasses let you do much more than take instant photos of the world around you. Sure they do that, with just a simple press to the side. They also let you adjust filters on the fly. Now you can see the world how you want to see the world. None of that reality nonsense getting in the way of a good grainy filter! This intense filtering isn’t just for daydreamers, though. You can use the function to get a good bead on what kind of photo you want on the fly. Useful and, sort of, fashionable as well! Instaglasses feature Wi-Fi, 3G and 2GB of onboard storage. The storage, though, is actually infinite since you can upload any photos straight to Instagram’s corner of the cloud. This even goes for actual pictures of clouds.

Now the bad news. Are you sitting down? This is only a concept design for now. You have a long while to wait before the company brings these to market. They are probably waiting to see how Google does before dropping some major coin into manufacturing. Oh well. Until then you can always use, well, an actual camera.