Innovega hacks your eyeballs with their iOptik augmented reality eyewear


The promise of smartglasses have set the rumor-mill on fire these past couple of years. Ever since Google announced to the world their oft-delayed and forthcoming Project Glass technology, it seems every other company on the planet is readying something similar.  Just think, a few years from now we’ll sit around the smart-campfire and wonder just how we got along for so long with glasses that just helped us see. Also, smart-campfires are going to be cool. They’ll send tweets when the marshmallows are about to burn.

Anyways, we digress. A company called Innovega is entering the smartglasses ring in in a big way. They took to this week’s CES conference to show off their unique take on the technology. Just how unique is it? Well, in a manner of speaking, their device quite literally hacks your eyeballs. You throw on a pair of their iOptik contact lenses, and the lenses get to work refocusing polarized light so you can see virtual landscapes without squinting or otherwise giving yourself a headache.

With the lenses in you’ll be able to see a high resolution display that’s projected on a pair of glasses, superimposed transparently across up to 120 degrees of your field of view. You see, even Project Glass has trouble doing the virtual that far from your field of view. It’s the contact lenses that make this possible.

The company seems to think they can have this tech on consumer’s faces by the end of the year or early next year. That seems like a tall order, but here is to hoping they succeed! We are sick and tired of glasses that just help us see. Reading is overrated. Virtual reality? Supremely underrated. Check a video of the tech in action below.