Immune Perfume could just help you find love


Finding love in the modern world can be a difficult task. There’s Facebook stalking, dating sites, all kinds of bizarre lingo and just about anything you can shake a heartbroken stick at. The results? Lots of people are lonely and less young people than ever before are getting hitched. Let’s put an end to that and help the world find, and maintain, true love. Take it away, wearable technology Cupid.

University of California researcher Christina Davis has developed a perfume that uses our natural odors to help us attract our perfect mate. It works using a person’s immune status, which she says is a natural indicator of how you integrate with a romantic partner. Apparently, if you have a weak immune system people can ‘smell’ that and they’ll keep on looking for the next suitor. This is because, deep down, we want someone strong to help us take care of the puppies and on some level we fear a sickly person won’t be up to the task. Use Davis’s new perfume to fool them! That’ll show em. That’ll show em alright.

Of course, this is not too far removed from how perfume already works but this new construct promises to take it to the next level. It isn’t available for purchase, yet, but the creator seems to think after a year or two of tests and trial runs it should start showing up on store shelves. In the meantime, we’ll have to find love the old fashioned way, by watching it on Netflix.