I’m Watch gets delayed again, company offers fifteen percent discount to early adopters


Is the smartwatch about to set the world on fire with all of its wearable awesomeness? We’ve already told you about the Sportwatch, the Cookoo and the Meta Watch. It seems every time you open the Internet there is a new watch on the horizon, just waiting to sync up with our phones or computers to do all manner of cool thing. Well, an Italian company thought of the concept first, they have just been a little slow on that whole manufacturing and fulfilling orders part. You say tomato, I say tomahto.

First a little background:  The I’m Watch is a pretty cool piece of smartwatch tech. It handles all kinds of apps, including photos, video, social networks, games and music with a full-featured creation suite available for developers. This all comes wrapped in a beautiful touch-screen watch with 4 GB of flash memory. It all runs on Android 1.6, which with every delay gets even longer in the tooth.

So why the delay? It was supposed to be available for mass consumption back in October of last year. They missed the mark and then some. The watch’s designers, Manuel Zanella and Massimiliano Bertolini, said the delay is due to optimizing the device for greater application compatibility. They promise a sort of soft launch in the middle of June, with 300 test watches being delivered to early purchasers. This will be followed up in mid-July by the delivery of all previously made orders. Finally, in mid-September they will begin fulfilling new orders. The reward for having the patience of a veritable saint? A fifteen percent discount, which knocks the price down to $349. The company is also honoring cancellation requests as long as they come in by July 15th.

Check the video to see the smartwatch in all of it’s smart-glory.