I’m Tracer Bracelet Will Always Let You Know Where the Kids Are At


Having kids, so I hear, is pretty great. Your genes get to be passed on to a new lifeform, thus ensuring your immortality in another way besides your Facebook profile. Also, you create your very own best friend, until they become a teenager and then hate you for a decade or so. Also, and perhaps most importantly, you get yourself a guilted caretaker for your later and most vulnerable years. But in order to get to this point, you gotta take good care of the little ragamuffin. Kids are capricious and fairly strange so you are gonna need all of the help you can get. Some of this help will come in the form of wearable technology.

Introducing the i’m Tracer, hot on the heels of the company’s i’m Watch. Sure the watch hasn’t exactly lit the world on fire, but that doesn’t mean their new product can’t do the same. The purpose of the Tracer is to keep track of your children. Each bracelet is equipped with a GPS tracker and the whereabouts of said child can be viewed on any tablet, smartphone or even a PC. It also comes equipped with an accelerometer so you can  keep track of, uh, how many tumbles or scraps your kid gets into out there in the world.

According to early reports, the associated app works quite well and this could prove to be an invaluable parenting tool. The Tracer isn’t out yet, and no exact date has been issued, but one can expect this bracelet to launch for around between €140 and €160. Here is a video of their previously released watch.