iDope iPod Jacket from Dope+Drakkar


Although the winter season will end soon, we want to introduce to you another iPod Fashion product for the cold days.

The company that came to our attention is: DOPE&DRAKKAR which was established in Tokyo, Japan by Eichiro Sakata in 1994. “Dope” is a drug and “Drakkar” is an addict. Eichiro wanted to make clothes that were ‘addictive as drugs’.

This company’s philosophy made it a ‘must’ to look for innovative additions to their clothing line and to ‘proof’ the point, they launched last January the iDope iPod collection.

idope jacket

idope vest

The iDope works with all iPod models except with Gen 1+2 and all iPod Shuffle.

It has the ’standard’ build-in iPod control from Eleksen but the iDope is different: rather than be woven into the material as play and pause buttons iDope has a set of simple colored buttons in the front center line of the Jacket.

In this, way the technology is completely ‘hidden’ and there is no ‘fear’ of looking geeky.

The ’smart fabric’ from ElekTex works by knowing where it is being touched and is responding to the pressure. The sensor is of course machine washable and able to be dry-cleaned.

Very smart, very clever and a very good design from DOPE&DRAKKAR.

The iDope range consists of Jackets in Champagne, Wine, Olive and Black and goes for US$ 730.-

There is also a Vest style available in Champagne, Black, Red and Turquoise which goes for US$ 570.-

Basically, the iDope is mainly sold in Japan but we found an online store that is selling the iDope range to other countries as well (and is in English). Check out this link for ordering your iDope.