Icis Bring Fashion Sense to Augmented Reality Eyewear


Everybody desires Google Glass to one degree or another. How could they not? It’s essentially a cyberpunk fantasy right there in front of your eyeballs. The only downside to Glass, besides the exorbitant price? Well, they aren’t exactly the most inconspicuous things you could put on your face. One could actually go ahead and call them rather conspicuous. In other words, they look fairly ridiculous and not at all like your garden variety glasses frames. Sure, they’ve offered up regular frames that pair with the device, but even still, the Glass portion of the frames stick out like an expensive thumb. Luckily, another company is on top of that.

Introducing Icis, augmented reality glasses that actually look entirely like glasses. Nobody will ever know you are wearing anything high tech! This is, of course, great for spying but even greater for, uh, not getting mugged and having your fancy new glasses stolen. These frames were designed by a company called Laforge Optical, as a fashion-forward option for those who want a technology-forward option. Wait, Laforge? Is that company named after Star Trek’s Geordie Laforge? Awesome! When worn, Icis can bring up information by overlaying them over real-world objects using augmented reality. This isn’t too dissimilar to what Glass does.

Much like Google’s counterpart, these aren’t officially out yet. As a matter of fact, they aren’t even fully funded. You’ll have to head to their Indiegogo page and plunk down some coins to ensure you are the first kid on your block who is wearing cool and futuristic glasses that actually look like glasses. Booya!