HyperStealth announces creation of Harry Potter-esque invisibility cloak


Ah, to be a fly on the wall at so and so’s place as they do so and so. How many times have you had that thought? Too often to count right? My, aren’t you the curious sort. Unfortunately, the technology to make us invisible seems like a faraway dream. Sure there have been some minor advances here and there but they always come with major caveats, thus making the idea insurmountable for the layman. But how are we to know what so and so says about us after we leave to go home for the night?! The idea is enough to make us utterly sleepless with worry.

Well a company called HyperStealth has announced they are poised to make this dream a reality with their “Quantum Stealth” technology. Finally, one of Harry Potter’s famed curiosities is about to exist in the real world! Next up, those awesome-sounding jelly beans. Wait, those already exist? Fine, we’ll just go ahead and describe this invisibility tech.

The company claims they have invented a bona-fide cloak that makes the wearable invisible across the visible, infrared, and ultraviolet spectrum by bending light around objects. This certainly sounds too good to be true but the company insists they have done it. They even claim that it removes 95% of your shadow. Take a look at the photos and video attached. What do you think? Is this tech legit? It also must be noted that the company claims that, in actuality, the cloak works much better than seen in these images.