Hyetis Crossbow Smartwatch Features a 41 Megapixel Camera


Hyetis Crossbow
The ever growing list of companies trying to grab the smartwatch throne is constantly changing. Everyone knows that, on some level, smartwatches will be big business at some point but nobody has released “the one” as of yet. Sure the Pebble, and a few others, have made tiny splashes in the consumer sphere, no watch has made the kind of splash like when the iPhone or iPad was first released. While we wait for that to happen, probably from Apple itself, here is another contender. What’s so special about this smartwatch? It has a really, really good camera.

The Hyetis Crossbow, by watch manufacturer Hyetis, does not have the capability to fatally lunge an arrow at an enemy. No, it’s just a watch. But it does feature one heck of a great camera on board. Just how great? A whopping 42 megapixels! That is a lot of pixel and a lot of, um, mega. Also, the camera extends across the bottom of the watch like an actual camera. Look at this thing! In addition to the snazzy photos, the watch also allows you to check texts, emails, weather and all of the usual things. There will also be an app store specific to the phone operating shortly after launch. But, look at that camera! It looks like something James Bond would use.

The company hasn’t announced the release date, nor have they started accepting preorders. They have, however, announced the exorbitant price. To get ahold of this photo-taking bad boy, prepare to shell out $1,200. That’s nothing to James Bond, mostly because the agency pays for the gadgets.

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