Hussein Chalayan Fashion Innovator


Our article today is inspired from the recent massive coverage of Hussein Chalayan’s transformer dresses in many established fashion Magazines like Vogue, Elle, Style, I-D, to name a few.


One of the features in their March 2007 editions is the coverage of the Spring 2007 trends: futuristic and an odyssey of metallic and science fiction fantasy.


ussein Chalayan has fascinated and captivated the audience in his Fashion Show last October in Paris. A lot of coverage has been given at that time to Hussein Chalayan’s transformer dresses but we decided at that time not to cover his show because we wanted to focus on ‘already available’ products and DIY tips to make your own creations. You may say, we are more on the ‘practical’ side.

The recent media attention made us coming back to Hussein Chalayan’s work because it shows again the strong coming of Wearable Electronic – our main focus in this blog.

It is very interesting to see that fusing technology with fashion is getting attention from all sides and facets of the Fashion World. From the more practical, performance clothing world, over the hip and street ware and now from the fashion defining top end with renowned designers like: Hussein Chalayan who is also referred to as the ‘designer of the designers’.

Hussein Chalayan’s collection consist of five dresses that automatically transformed in shape and style. Zippers closed, cloth gathered, and hemlines rose–all without human assistance. Beneath each model’s skirt was a computer system designed by the London-based engineering and concept-creation firm 2D3D.

For example, one dress morphes from a 1906 style to 1916 and then to 1926. Another dress was from 1926, and it evolved through 1936 to 1946, and so on.

The ‘Hour Glass dress‘ got the most media attention and one can find many blog posts about it on the Web. It is also Chalayan’s personal favorite dress that transforms from a 1950s Dior shape to a 1960s Paco Rabanne style metallic shift.

We found a video on YouTube that shows the part of the fashion show with the futuristic designs of Chalayan’s collection.

Hussein Chalayan Spring Summer 2007 Collection – Roman888

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