Huggies TweetPee Device Lets Parents Know When its Time to Change the Diapers



We talk a lot(exclusively) about wearable technology on this blog. Sure, this tech is as varied as a snowflake but most of it has one thing in common, it is aimed toward those who can walk and talk. But what about babies?! When will the innocent, ever-pooping future adults get a chance to experience the splendor of wearable tech? Unfortunately, they don’t do that much besides go to the bathroom, cry and occasionally eat spoonfuls of mushed up fruit. Don’t worry. Even with that triumvirate, wearable tech is about to get up close with your favorite ragamuffins.

Huggies, the company known the world over for protecting babies’ backsides from what comes out of babies’ backsides, has announced their new TweetPee device. This gadget does not automatically post when you go to the bathroom on Twitter. It is much more useful than that. You attach it a diaper and it will send a notification to your smartphone when your baby has gone to the bathroom, and thus is in need of a diaper change. This takes all of the guesswork out of the process, with all of that snapping and unsnapping and declarations of “I smell it. I think I smell it. Never mind.”

The device, in the shape of a cute blue bird that is not at all to be used to fling at pigs, can also tweet you if you are so inclined. But who among us wants our Twitter feed filled up with every time our child goes to the bathroom? Actually, we wonder how many retweets that would get. So far this amazing, time-saving contraption is only available in Brazil but we’ll let you know when it fastens around these shores.