Huggies Pregnancy Belt Lets Fathers Experience the Joy of Kicking


Since the dawn of mankind, and we mean this literally, women have been the ones doing all of the heavy lifting in the “giving birth to the kiddies” department. They have to carry that rugrat in their stomach for nine whole months and then push it out in a bout of excruciating pain and wonderment. What do the men do? Mostly sit around, playing Xbox, buying cigars and fretting around back and forth. No more! Now there is a piece of wearable tech that gives one of the singular pregnancy experiences to guys so they can experience it alongside their child-rearing spouse.

Huggies, who you may remember from those poop and pee-collecting devices that go around your baby’s bottom, have brought us something they are calling the Pregnancy Belt. The man, or non-pregnant partner, wears the belt and when that baby kicks inside of the womb, both parties feel it. That’s right. It effectively sends out empathy kicks. Soon you’ll know what it is like to have a living creature living inside of you and desperately trying to get out. Of course, besides the kicking part, you won’t really know at all. Still, it’s a start! They need to create one of these belts that also doubles as a full-body fat suit, however. Somebody get Martin Lawrence on the phone.

Huggies Argentina created the device and thus far it is only being used as a marketing tool. This means you can’t actually buy one. But hey, if the demand is there(which it should be) then who knows. Maybe one day soon everyone will feel baby kicks. My, what a wonderful world that would be. Check out a video of the belt in action below.