Hublot King Power F1 Tourbillon watch


Hublot makes the kinds of watches that not even the richest of the rich can always afford. In short, they utterly define luxury. CEO and former watch designer Jean-Claude Biver puts the kind of thought and foresight into his watches that would make your average watchmaker blush. Guess what? The company’s new King Power F1 Tourbillon is no exception.

Sparing no expense, the watch is available in both zirconium and “king gold.” This limited to 50 units watch is 48mm wide and was designed by Mathias Buttet. The coolest thing here is the movement. As you can see the watch features gads and gads of moving parts. It’s like watching a digital city as you stare into it’s lovely and expensive eyes.

Did I say expensive? You bet I did. Like all luxury items, this one will set you back? Plan on spending around $190,000 which, since time is money, is a whole lot of time.