HTC and FitBit Team Up With New HTC One Smartphone


The world of dedicated activity trackers is one that has nowhere to go but up. As the tech gets smaller, and the battery life gets better, it seems to us that just about everyone you know will have some form of external activity tracker. Why, though, can’t the gadgets we already have do the same exact thing? After all, smartphones have had accelerometers and other doodads packed in gratis for years now. Well, for one, using this stuff tends to be a complete drain on your phone’s battery, so often the manufacturers don’t really advertise the functionality so they can attest to supreme battery life. Well, don’t look now, HTC may have figured out how to conserve battery life and still track our fitness regiment at the same time.

The new HTC One smartphone, which looks to be a major contender in just about all aspects, has teamed up with noted vitality tracker manufacturer FitBit to come up with a new way to employ the array of sensors that operate as the man behind the curtain in a fitness tracker and keep their battery use to a minimum. The HTC One has an array of swanky new sensors that allow it to do all of the usual fitness tracking work, only without taxing the battery. FitBit has taken extreme advantage of this with a new HTC One-specific app, which needs no external hardware in order to work. So, essentially, it’s like buying a brilliant smartphone and a brilliant fitness tracker all at the same time.

Of course, it’ll only be so long until every gadget we buy will be smartphone/smartwatch/fitness tracker/everything else all in one package. Until that day, however, there are baby steps to make.