HTC Claims to Have Solved the Age Old Smartwatch Battery Problem


Smartwatches are the wave of the future. Wait, what’s a smartwatch? It’s a watch that has gone to Harvard, obviously(sigh, that old canard again.) No, smartwatches are essentially smartphones that you wear around your wrist. They can send and receive texts. They can read emails. They can even take photos and let you video chat like your bestest friend, the iPhone. Of course, with all of this functionality, there is a steep price. Smartwatches don’t exactly have the best battery life. They aren’t too bad, in the case of something like Pebble, but the battery life is significantly shorter than your garden variety duncecap watch. Don’t worry, though. A company may have finally solved the problem.

HTC, purveyors of smartphones the world over, have announced they have finally solved that age old smartwatch battery problem. Due to the world being completely filled with spies, the company has not announced how they got over the energy hurdle. They also have claimed to solve the problem of unreliable LCD screens on smartwatches. In other words, you can look forward to the company releasing a smartwatch of their own that incorporates all of this snazzy tech sometime in the nearish future.

But not so nearish, being as how the company hasn’t formally made any announcements and this tech, while probably amazing, probably has a few kinks to work out. We’ll let you know when HTC formally drops their hat in the smartwatch ring. Dang, it’s pretty crowded in here isn’t it?