How wearables will change digital health after Coronavirus


The coronavirus pandemic will change the way wearable technology tackles digital health, predicts a leading investor.

Kyle Fugere from Dunnhumby Ventures, writing in Venturebeat, says that lessons learned from the pandemic will change the way we use wearable technology to track our health. In particular he says, in-home diagnostics will use wearables as a platform for change.

“The pandemic will potentially change wearables forever. Steps are great, my sleeping patterns are interesting, but what if this data was collected at an aggregate level to predict similar events in the future?

Kinsa, maker of a smart thermometer, has already given a glimpse into the value of this data.  The snapshot below from Kinsa’s Health Weather Map, on March 22, 2020 shows what appears to be a significant abnormality in body temperature in New York and Florida, potentially warning of an emerging situation, such as a rise in people with the coronavirus. This kind of overview would allow affected regions to intervene early.”